A family in need - and an opportunity to succeed

We work for people like Sasha.
Sasha is a young mom who enrolled in Even Start, a program that creates opportunities for vulnerable children and their parents together. Sasha signed up for classes to receive her equivalency diploma, while her newborn, Janelle, was placed in an accredited early care classroom, located in the same adult ed center.
Even Start is a two-generation program, an innovative approach to social services that seeks helping families as a whole, not as separate pieces. We know that helping a mother look for a job, get her GED or enroll in college is not enough if she cannot take care of her kids. We know that educating children in great early care programs is less effective if their parents cannot find a job to provide them with a stable home. Two generation programs strive to help families succeed by providing both children and their caretakers with the supports they need to become successful, instead of having programs working in isolation.
CAHS is helping lead the charge for such innovative "two generation" approaches to break the cycle of poverty by moving children and their parents toward educational success and economic security.
We are doing it because families like Sasha´s cannot wait.
Next year, CAHS and our allies will work to improve and implement two generation programs in Connecticut, helping families become self sufficient. We have done this in the past, with the state Earned Income Tax Credit, and with an early care and education system that has made Connecticut a national leader.
But to make it happen, we need your support. With your help, we can continue to create pathways for a brighter future for Connecticut's children and families.  Your support keeps us working every day-we couldn't do it without you.  Your contribution will empower Connecticut families to thrive.  Together, we can ensure that thousands of families achieve their potential and live fuller and happier lives.

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