A perfect storm for Connecticut?

The Connecticut Mirror reports on CAHS's new CT KIDS COUNT report, Opportunity in Connecticut: The Impact of Race, Poverty and Education on Family Economic Success.

Report author Jude Carroll on the report's findings of deep inequalities based on race, ethnicity and residence:

"If your family is only making ends meet, your parents can't really help you. And they certainly can't help you with a down payment on a house," Carroll said. "Sometimes [higher income] people forget about the structures in their lives that make these things easier -- it's sort of this selective amnesia."

Connecticut Voices for Children also released a report on Connecticut's changing demographics.

"As soon as 2015, the size of Connecticut's working age population will peak, and those replacing the state's retiring workers will be disproportionately younger and of lower income and education levels.

Voices Working Age Chart

'That's a problem for the state,' Rodriguez said. 'The average earnings per worker are going to go down. And at the same time, the state has billions in unfunded liabilities and more importantly, those aging populations leaving the workforce are going to require more state services.' "

More than 120 people attended a public forum Monday for a panel discussion about the reports and their recommendations for policy makers.




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