Apply to be a Youth Money School VISTA!

CAHS is looking for a new Youth Money School VISTA!

The Youth Money School (YMS) VISTA will work with schools & nonprofits to help youth & young adults form better money habits, increase their financial knowledge, & improve their financial capability. The VISTA will recruit new volunteers to serve as financial educators, identify community partners who work with youth & young adults, train volunteers to utilize the YMS curriculum, & work closely with community partners to support the development & sustainability of the YMS. Other key responsibilities include: integrate efforts with CAHS' CT Money School financial education sites, equip volunteers & staff to lead the program beyond duration of VISTA placement, work with an advisory council consisting of service beneficiaries to guide the program's approach, track youth progress through the workshops, facilitate YMS marketing & outreach strategy, develop evaluation tools to provide guidance around best practices of YMS, & produce handbook on how to run YMS.


Learn more and apply here!

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