Benefits of Financial Coaching

It is Free

All of our services that we provide are free and are administrated by a volunteer that has been trained in house

Customized personal wealth plan

Your financial coach will help design a strategic wealth building plan with you in order to capitalize on your skills, values, resources and interests.

Lasting Change

One of the main reasons to receive a financial coach is to make change that will last a life time. With s financial coach you will get unveiled some of the root causes of your financial problems and work towards changing this.

Greater Happiness and Balance

As one can imagine, personal finance matters tremendously to a person’s life. If a person’s personal finances are stable then there is a greater chance that the person is happy as well.


Another major goal is for you to feel empowered!! At times to some it may feel as if your finances are in control and taking away you ability to take action. We want you to take reigns of your finances so you are the one that has power and not the other way around.

Improved Financial Behavior

All in all, one of our major goals is to change any negative behavior to a positive habit. Sometimes we form habits that are not beneficial at all. For example, eating out constantly, getting premium brand instead of settling for the generic or not budgeting. Instead we want to form habits such as budgeting, living in one’s means or doing one’s research.

Better Understanding of finances

To have basic understanding of the many facets of personal finance is crucial for you to take advantage of multiple services in your life. Moreover, you will no longer be in the dark of what is going on in your life. You will have a plan.

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