Better Choices Lauds Lembo Proposal and New York Tax Plan

Better Choices for Connecticut, a coalition dedicated creating a more sustainable and fair revenue system for the state, lauds two positive steps this week: Comptroller Kevin Lembo’s call for more evaluation and accountability to measure the success of tax credits and other incentive programs, and a new proposed tax structure in New York state that would generate $1.9 million in additional revenue.

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo and legislative leaders announced on Tuesday that they had reached an agreement to overhaul New York State’s income tax, creating a higher tax bracket for the highest-income residents and reducing the tax rate for millions of middle-class residents. The income ranges will be indexed to inflation. Additionally, a new 13-member state Tax Reform and Fairness Commission will examine long-term changes to the tax structure, including income, sales and corporate.

Better Choices for Connecticut is a community coalition working to help Connecticut make better choices on ways to improve the state’s imbalanced revenue system so that it advances opportunity for shared prosperity for all Connecticut residents; preserves services for children, families and the elderly; creates and sustains good jobs; and reinvests in the middle class and our communities.

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