Business Owner: Raise Minimum Wage!

Outstanding op-ed in the Connecticut Post by Doug Wade, owner of Wade's Dairy, arguing that increasing the minimum wage and indexing it to inflation helps the economy.

"A government representative of the people should reflect and protect the values that we hold as human beings. The minimum wage is a humanitarian law created 75 years ago that set minimum wage standards with the intention of ensuring that everyone who worked full time would be compensated at a rate that would provide the means to a life without poverty. There is no exact formula to determine a proper minimum hourly wage, but I can say with certainty that $7.25 doesn't cut it."

Doug runs a business, and chooses to pay his workers more than the minimum wage - because, he says, our whole economy is better of when workers can pay for basic needs and be contributors to their communities.

Thanks for speaking out, Doug!



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