CAHS year in review: the Connecticut Money School

As we get close to the end of the year, it is time to have a look back and see the results of our work. We had a very busy year here at CAHS, with some of our programs having big expansions and others having a lot of bold, new ideas to move them forward. This week we will have a look back at each of our programs, and some of our plans for next year. Today, we will focus on the Connecticut Money School.

The Connecticut Money School:

CTMoneySchool_logoThe CT Money School (CMS) opened its virtual doors in 2009.  CMS is our financial education program. CAHS partners with community based organizations across the state, connecting them with volunteers that we have recruited and trained to provide financial education classes. Our aim is to help our partners improve their services, building financial education to their menu of services, and enabling them to connect to volunteers that can help them to build up these programs.

Between November 1st 2013 and October 31st 2013 (it is not quite the end of the year yet, so bear with me having non-calendar year numbers!) CAHS has partnered with 15 community agencies in Hartford, Bridgeport, Bristol, New Britain, New Haven and Plainville to offer more than 30 financial education workshops. 336 people enrolled and attended classes; 69% of them to a budgeting class. Two thirds of the students were female; 23% Hispanic and 19.5% Black.

We want to thank Citizens Bank for their funding for this program, and their trust and support. We have made many changes to CMS during 2013, and their support has been invaluable.

These numbers, however, only tell part of the story. CMS is creating a network of partners that can provide financial education services; our focus is not just processing as many students as possible, but building up the capacity of our partners.  This is bot We are also extending our Financial Avenue program for younger students, with very exciting results, as well as combining CMS with the rest of CAHS' programs. More on that tomorrow.

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