Care4Kids April Update

CAHS is continuing to track the Care4Kids enrollment data, where the program seeks to restore its enrollment levels from before the program closed to new enrollment. 

Care4Kids is Connecticut's primary childcare subsidy program. It provides low-income families with affordable childcare, alleviating some of the financial burden that many families face in paying for childcare. With affordable access to childcare, working families can continue to provide for their families while knowing their children are in safe, quality care.

CAHS tracks changes in Care4Kids enrollment to see how the program has fared since it reopened in November 2017 following a more than year-long closure. This month, the comparison was between April 2018 and April 2017. Comparing monthly enrollment totals across years is important because some months naturally have fewer kids enrolled in Care4Kids. For example, when the regular school year starts, we see a drop in enrollment due to the lesser need for school-age care.

Looking at the numbers in this scope, we see a decrease in enrollment between April 2017 and 2018. However, this comes after 7 consecutive months of growth, dating back to the reopening of enrollment in November 2017. In total, 3,107 slots have been gained since the program reopened, and this needs to continue to grow. Before the program closed in August 2016, Care4Kids had over 22,000 enrolled. In April, there were 16,330. The progress is easily observable, but it's vastly important that the numbers continue to grow, perhaps at an increased pace, in order to continue helping Connecticut's families.

Learn more about Care4Kids here, explore our interactive map here, and view the month-to-month chart here. You can also find our month to month chart below. 

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