Children’s Advocates Seek “Better Choices” for Connecticut

CAHS took part in a press conference today, as a member of the Better Choices for Connecticut Coalition, calling on the Legislature for a balanced approach to addressing the deficit that would include revenues.

Advocates asked Connecticut lawmakers to address the State’s current budget challenges and carefully craft revenue enhancements to prevent damaging cuts to vital services.  Advocates and individuals impacted by the cuts expressed concern that many of the cuts being proposed by Governor Malloy’s budget would do more harm than good, pushing Connecticut backwards, instead of moving forward.

“There are cuts in this budget that will have a large negative impact on children and families in Connecticut”, said Jillian Gilchrest, Assistant Policy Director at the Connecticut Association for Human Services. “The Finance Committee hasn’t held a single public hearing on revenue options other than the proposals in the Governor’s budget. Connecticut’s revenue problem requires a revenue solution, not just more cuts to the public services Connecticut residents rely on.”

Some of the smart revenue options that would significantly reduce the budget deficits being offered by Better Choices for Connecticut are:

  • raising income taxes for the top 1-2%, and
  • closing corporate tax loopholes with mandatory combined reporting.

Now more than ever, we must protect vital public services and programs for our families and children.   State revenues—taxes, fees, and other income—are the collective investments we make to support these services and uphold the high standards we all expect.

Jillian Gilchrest speaking at the Thursday press conference.
Jillian Gilchrest speaking at the Thursday press conference.

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