Connecticut Considers an Office of Early Childhood

preschool picture

preschool picture

On February 4th, the Governor announced his plans for a new Office of Early Childhood.  His proposal will give early childhood services and programs the focus and attention they deserve.  Finally, there would be one place to go for the coordination and delivery of early childhood services.


The current delivery of early childhood services is fragmented over many agencies, making it confusing for parents and inefficient for service providers. Under the proposal, the new Office of Early Childhood would move early childhood programs from 5 State agencies into the new Office in order to simplify the process of ensuring that all programs and services are of the highest quality and families have information and access to these services.

Last week, advocates, early childhood providers and educators, state agency personnel, and parents came to the Legislative Office Building to testify in favor of HB 6359An Act Concerning Early Childhood before the State's Education Committee.  During an otherwise troubling legislative session focused on budget woes and tragedy, a new Office of Early Childhood provides a bright spot and a road map to improving educational opportunity for all of Connecticut's children.

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