Contact your Representative TODAY and ask them to reject efforts to weaken SNAP!

The House Agriculture Committee has put forth a Farm Bill reauthorization which would cut the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP, formerly known as food stamps), by $16 billion over the next decade.

SNAP is one of the most effective first lines of defense against hunger in the United States and has been critical in responding to food insecurity and improving health outcomes, especially during the recent recession.

In 2010, SNAP lifted 3.9 million Americans above the poverty line, including 1.7 million children. In New England, SNAP kept 179,142 households out of poverty, including 68,000 children.

Approximately 175,000 Connecticut households were receiving SNAP benefits in 2010, with a monthly average of approximately $258 per household. When including SNAP benefits as income, an additional 17.5% of the Connecticut households were raised above the poverty line.

SNAP is also considered by economists to be one of the most effective forms of economic stimulus during times of high unemployment. Moody’s Analytics estimates every dollar increase in SNAP benefits generates $1.72 in economic activity and rates increases in SNAP benefits first in cost-effectiveness among 22 tax and spending options examined to promote economic growth and jobs in a weak economy.

Most Americans understand the important role of food stamps, especially in a weak economy like this one, and support the program. According to a recent poll by the Food Research and Action Center, more than three-fourths of American voters oppose cutting food stamps to reduce spending.

Tell your Representative to reject efforts to weaken SNAP:

Congressman John Larson (202)225-2265
Congressman Joe Courtney (202) 225-2076
Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro (202) 225-3661
Congressman Jim Himes (202) 225-5541
Congressman Chris Murphy (202) 225-4476

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