CT Families: "Alarming Lack of Financial Cushion" .... no wonder.

Leading today's Courant is a story showing why we need a higher minimum wage.

With too many adults trying to support a family on $8.25 per hour, it's no wonder families can't save for a rainy day. Increasing the minimum wage would increase the take home pay of 226,000 workers by up to $750 per year, according to the National Employment Law Project.

The story covers a Corporation for Enterprise Development study showing how many residents have the recommended six months of living expenses set aside. Thirty-four percent of us don't have enough for even two months. Our average credit card debt is $15,221, ranking us first.

This also shows the need for affordable health care. More and more of us are paying higher and higher co-pays and shopping and comparing costs for medical and dental care.

Furthermore, advocates and economists say that raising the minimum wage does not result in job losses, unless the boost is greater than 10% - and would left the state's economy and ultimately create more jobs.

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