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Connecticut Money School (CMS) is a project led by CAHS, which provides financial empowerment services for individuals and families across Connecticut. CMS provides free financial education for adults and seniors. We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to become financially stable and successful. One way to achieve financial stability and success is through a better understanding of how to manage your money and your assets.


Our Partners

CT Money School partners have over 81 years of collective experience providing financial education. Each partner has a Regional Coordinator on staff that is responsible for recruiting instructors and ensuring the smooth delivery of financial education classes in their region.

For more information about the CT Money School contact Amanda Onochie CNP, Program Coordinator, or 860-951-2212 ext. 268.

Become an Instructor

We rely on volunteer professionals to teach our free financial education classes. Our staff will find a place for you to hold your class, recruit students, and provide you with the tools you need to know you are making a difference. Volunteer Application

Attend a Free Financial Workshop

We offer free financial education classes on a variety of topics in greater Bridgeport, New Haven, and Hartford. Classes range from basic issues, such as budgeting, to more complex concepts, like savings and investing. To register for a workshop contact Joe Fontanarosa, Volunteer Coordinator,, or (860) 951-2212, ext. 244.

Workshop Topics

Money Values and SMART Goals:

Identifying the relationship between values/beliefs, decisions and actions; and how to identify and accomplish your goals  

Money Matters: Making Money Work for You (Budgeting):

How to Create and Maintain a Budget that Works

The ABCs of Credit and Borrowing Basics:

Everything you need to know about understanding and building credit

Healthy Banking:

How to Identify, Open and Maintain a Healthy Banking Relationship


Identify ways to save money and savings options that will help you reach your goals

Managing Your Credit:

Identifying Ways to Build and Repair Your Credit

Financial Resiliency:

A Springboard Back From Financial Challenges

Protect Yourself:

Know Your Rights As a Consumer

Invest In Yourself:

Building Wealth to Meet your Life Goals

Own Your Home:

The Keys and Steps Toward Home Ownership

Adult Workshop Menu (PDF)


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