Earn Benefits Online: Seeking Partners for an Awesome Tool to Screen and Enroll Clients for Benefits

EarnBenefits Online (EBO) is an easy access web-based tool that allows staff to screen individuals for eligibility for benefits and then populates relevant assistance applications. This greatly simplifies the application process, increasing the participation rate, and facilitating access to the social safety net.    This, in turn, stabilizes the lives of clients and enables them to advance financially. 


This, in turn, stabilizes the lives of clients and enables them to advance financially.

Importantly, EBO also keeps a database of individuals’ information, so that staff doesn’t have to enter the data more than once. EBO allows agencies to make benefit access a standard part of the services you provide your clients and demonstrate program impact to funders and other stakeholders, with the potential to leverage new resources.   EBO allows our partners access to the data exchange between DSS and CAHS to track enrollment.  EBO has only 14 questions and takes 25 minutes on average to complete.

A client can visit one location and find out instantly if she/he qualifies for the following programs:

  • SNAP                                                                                                    
  • Care 4 Kids
  • WIC                                                                                                       
  • Energy Assistance
  • Healthy Start                                                                                    
  • HUSKY A (Medicaid)
  • HUSKY B (State Child Health Insurance Program)                             
  • Medicaid for Low Income Adults
  • Medicaid for the Elderly and Disabled                                  
  • EITC (federal)
  • TFA/TANF                                                                                          
  • Free Tax Prep                      
  • NeedyMeds Drug Discount Card                              
  • SSI & SSDI (coming soon)
  • Premium Tax Credit for Health Insurance                            

For more information contact Joel Rivera, Program Director at 860-951-2212 ext. 229, jrivera@cahs.org

Seedco provides the EBO software, which CAHS operated successfully from 2010-2014, screening 20,000 households for benefits with community-based organization (CBOs) partners worth $45 million.  CAHS is now seeking new partners that want to screen and enroll clients.

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