EITC Update

We all know the EITC lifts children and working families out of poverty, and is one of the single-most effective policy tools to help stimulate our economy while investing in our future workforce.

new post by Elizabeth Kneebone of the Brookings Institute examines the Census Bureau’s new Supplemental Poverty Measure for a more nuanced look at the impact of the EITC and the Child Tax Credit, and finds they are even more effective that expected, lowering child poverty by 6.3%.

In the upcoming 2013 tax season, please ask your clients and contacts to share what they'll do with THEIR EITC.

Groceries? New shoes? School field trips? 

Please share any stories, or filers willing to be profiled, with me at ldupont-diehl@cahs.org. We'll be collecting testimonials to educate lawmakers about how much of a difference CT EITC makes to working families.

Also, CAHS and other Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) site operators will soon be offering free tax preparation. Please call 211 InfoLine for locations.

 Don’t forget that town-by-town information on who claimed the CT EITC is here. Use the "find" function to locate a complete one-pager for your town.

More than 180,000 working families with incomes averaging $17,184 benefited from CT EITC. We have to remind lawmakers to protect this investment in the coming budget session!

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