Encourage Your Senator to Vote for HB 6553

A bill that is currently before the Legislature will assist workers who are temporarily unable to work due to illness or injury, pregnancy or birth of a child, or need to care for a seriously ill child or spouse. H.B. No. 6553, "An Act Establishing a Task Force to Study Family Medical Leave Insurance," seeks to establish a task force to analyze the feasibility of an insurance program which will provide short-term benefits to those with unforeseen or difficult medical circumstances. The House has just recently passed the bill, and now it awaits a decision from the Senate.

The bill holds incredible relevance to virtually all workers throughout Connecticut, as the majority of workers or their family members have been affected by a serious illness at one time or another. Furthermore, many women have had to take time out of work for a new birth or pregnancy.

For this reason, employees throughout Connecticut should unite on this issue and urge their local senators to vote yes on HB 6553. To preserve economic well-being and prevent financial struggles due to a potential or current pregnancy or illness, it is necessary to create our own task force and encourage our representatives to act. Establishing FMLI will ensure that all Connecticut employees can create a financially sound, advantageous environment for themselves and their families.

You can find out more information about the FMLI task force and find the link to contact your local officials on the Connecticut FMLI Coalition's website.


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