Family Medical Leave Insurance Task Force to Become Law

H.B. 6553, “An Act Establishing a Task Force to Study Family Medical Leave Insurance,” which was pending a decision in the Senate, passed on Friday night! As previously discussed in an earlier post, this bill will create a task force to analyze the feasibility of implementing an insurance program when someone needs time out of work to care for themselves during illness, an aging or sick loved one, or a newborn. The bill now heads to the Governor for a signature before becoming law thereby creating a task force!

 The task force established by the bill will consist of influential members and advocates from diverse organizations across the state. Specifically, as according to H.B. 6553, the task force will consist of ranking members of the General Assembly relating to labor and public employees; the executive director of the Permanent Commission on the Status of Women; the Insurance Commissioner;the Labor Commissioner;the State Comptroller;  and members of large organizations advocating for the elderly, the disabled/chronically ill, working-poor families and representatives of the interests of labor organizations, insurance companies and businesses appointed by different authority figures in the Senate and the House of Representatives.

The authority figures in the Senate and the House of Representatives, as designated by the bill, are expected to appoint desired task force members by July 31st, 2013. Once the task force is appointed, it will conduct FMLI research and specific studies until October 1st of the following year. Family Medical Leave Insurance has the ability to affect the lives of thousands of temporarily disabled and sick people throughout Connecticut. Moreover, it will help thousand of families maintain financial stability in times of crisis. For this reason, we are enthusiastic about the passage of H.B. 6553 and the implementation of a task force to research FMLI.

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