Fiscal Sponsor

Fiscal sponsorship is when a nonprofit agency sponsors a project that may not have exempt status. This allows the sponsored agency the ability to seek grants and solicit tax deductible donations under your sponsor's exempt status. Learn more about CAHS' role as a fiscal sponsor here. CAHS also provides accounting services to other organizations. CAHS is the fiscal sponsor for the following organizations:

The Connecticut Early Childhood Alliance

The Connecticut Early Childhood Alliance is a group of organizations and individuals committed to improving developmental outcomes in the areas of learning, health, safety and economic security for children ages birth to eight. The goal is for all children born in Connecticut to enter kindergarten healthy, eager to learn, and ready for school success.


CT Parent Power


CT Parent Power is a statewide parent-led and parent-driven organization that works to engage, empower and mobilize parents to act on children's issues. Parents are uniting to build a powerful statewide network that provides accurate and important information on issues, training on how and when to take action, and connections with other people that are ready to act to make Connecticut a better place to raise our families.



Keep The Promise

Keep the Promise Coalition (KTP) is a Connecticut Coalition of advocates (people living with mental illness, family members, mental health professionals and interested community members) dedicated to ensuring that a comprehensive, community mental health system is created and sustained across the lifespan (children, young people, adults, older adults and families in Connecticut).


Connecticut Parents as Teachers 

In Connecticut the Parents as Teachers model is used in the largest and most well known home visitation programs – SDE’s Family Resource Centers and CTF’s Nurturing Families Network programs.  Both of these systems require that their staff attend the PAT Training; CTF also requires the Foundational 2 training.  In 2010-11 Early Head Start has trained the majority of their staff in PAT.  It has also been successful in  Even Start, Head Start, Youth Service Bureau, Parent Aide and other programs.



National Parent Leadership Training Institute (NPLTI)

NPLTI teaches parents the tenets of democracy and their right to utilize the civic process for good child outcomes. Parents attend classes for half a year, learning the importance of public policy, outcome measures, how to speak publicly, define need, frame an agenda, analyze budgets, work together across class and race, anticipate challenges and create artful and coherent strategies. NPLTI graduates become change agents in their communities, states and at the national level.



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