For all the mothers alone in the emergency room

Kudos to CAHS Assistant Policy Director Jillian Gilchrest, whose vision and hard work have led to the formation of a new coalition in Connecticut to advocate for paid family leave.

Yesterday, the Coalition kicked off the day with a press conference, followed by a public hearing before the Labor Committee on a bill to form a task force to study how to implement paid family medical leave in Connecticut.

Coverage was great, including CT News Junkie and the New London Day  exploring how a task force will allow for a thoughtful discussion and exploration of how other states have addressed this issue.

But perhaps most moving was testimony by Christine Palm, Communications Director for the Permanent Commission on the Status of Women. While PCSW is a member of the FMLI coalition, Palm she spoke as a mother and daughter, working with her husband to care for their own kids and aging parents.

"This task force is needed for the women who don't dare take time off," she said. "While they may have the right, they feel they don't have the freedom."

Even with an employer who understand the need for work-life balance, Palm said, she has hardly any sick or vacation time remaining, prompting her ailing mother to urge her to return to work after taking her to the emergency room.

"For people like me, whose mothers are alone in the emergency room," Palm said, "please consider forming this task force."

Visit the Coalition's web site to learn more or share your own story.

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