Governor Malloy Proposes $12 Million Investment in Early Care and Education

This afternoon, Governor Malloy announced his plans to invest $12 million to improve the quality of and expand access to early childhood education and care across the state.  The new initiative will increase slots, improve teacher training and create a rating system that will allow families to choose the best program for their children.

In particular, his proposal includes:

• Increase Opportunity – $4 million in new funding to provide early childhood opportunities for 500 preschool children

• Improve Quality – $3 million dedicated to improving quality by increasing opportunities and providing incentives for professional development and partnering with high schools and colleges to provide college level early childhood credits

• Inform Parents – $5 million in bond funding to create the statewide Tiered Quality Rating and Improvement System (TQRIS) that will allow parents to access information on early childhood education programs and provide a quality enhancement opportunity for providers by establishing a standard of excellence.  The lack of an implemented TQRIS was cited as a weakness in Connecticut’s “Race to the Top” application. 


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