How Sequestration is Impacting Connecticut’s Children



The National Head Start Association is facing a dilemma and this may have serious consequences on the future of our children.  Sequestration, which began on March 1st, 2013 is causing cuts for many areas of government spending.  Spending that includes funding for Head Start and Early Head Start.  These programs are facing budget cuts that will not allow children the opportunity to become successful in the future.  Currently there are 70,000 at- risk children- we need to give them a voice.

If we do not fund the education of at risk children of poverty, then we are bound to face the consequences of this action in the future.  An early education and a healthy childhood development all make a significant difference in the future lives of children.

One parent  has made the following statement in regards to the cuts:

“Head start is crucial for children to develop the motor skills, independent behavior skills, communication skills and multiple learning comprehension skills needed to grow into grade school! If head start is gone, I'm afraid there will be A LOT of children being held back to take kindergarten a second time!! Head start should be taken seriously- as it is the foundation of a child's academic future!!”

One of the ways to end this sequestration and take action is the Stroll-In to Stop Sequestration.  Families who benefit from  Head Start participated in visits to the offices of their members of Congress to let them know how these cuts to Head Start will have an impact on their families and the economy.  We hope you will do the same, by either emailing or calling your elected officials today. Find out how to contact your U.S. Senator or Representative at!

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