Kids Count data point of the day: teen births

CAHS will release the 2012 Kids Count data book April 30th at 1 pm in an event at the Legislative Office Building in Hartford. Join us!

PregnantWomanBirths to teenagers are strongly linked to poverty and single
parenthood. Teen mothers are much more likely to go on
welfare than women who postpone childbearing. Nearly half of ever complete high school. This limits the mother’s employment options, putting her at long-term risk of low-wage earnings, and hurts the opportunities available for the child.

Thankfully, we have good news: teen births have been steadily decreasing in the past few years, and the latest data only reinforces that trend. State wide the rate has gone from 13.3 births to mothers 15 to 17 per thousand in 2007 to 10.5 in 2009.  The drivers behind this numbers, according to the Youth Risk Behavioral Study, is that teens are delaying the onset of sex, having fewer partners and using condoms more often. School based health centers are offering more reproductive health services, improving access to contraception in many districts.

As happens often in Connecticut we still see a large gap between rates in the larger, poorer cities and the rest of state; Hartford´s has four times as many teen pregnancies as the Connecticut average, Bridgeport three times as many. Some large districts has been fairly successful reducing these numbers, however; Stamford is only 50% over the state average.

We will release data points from the book and analysis in the coming days. The full report includes town by town data for several indicators, and will be available for download after the event.

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