Kids Count datapoint of the day: child poverty

CAHS will release the 2012 Kids Count data book April 30th at 1 pm in an event at the Legislative Office Building in Hartford. Join us!

kids countIn 2004, Connecticut was the first state to set a goal to reduce child poverty in half by 2014. Committees were set, councils were formed, policy recommendations were made, and the state started to tackle an urgent problem that affected so many kids in our state.

In 2004, 24% of Connecticut children lived in households with income below 200% the Federal Poverty Line (FPL).  Today, the percentage of kids under that threshold has climbed to 30%.

What happened? Above all, the great recession. Connecticut has done much to blunt its effects on Children (from passing a very effective state EITC to protecting several key programs from cuts), but it hasn't been enough to prevent this indicator from worsening.

This does not mean that we are done, of course: reducing child poverty should be a state priority. We should focus on policies that boost family incomes and earning potential, education, improve the safety net and strengthen family structure and support, like early care and education programs.

Improving children's well being is not spending, is an investment. We can not forget that.

We will release data points from the book and analysis in the coming days. The full report includes town by town data for several indicators, and will be available for download after the event.

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