Legislature Takes First Step Toward FMLI

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The Connecticut Legislature took a first step in addressing a very real need amongst working families in Connecticut– paid family & medical leave!  The Legislature’s Labor Committee has introduced HB 6553, An Act Establishing a Task Force to Study Family Medical Leave Insurance.


If passed, a Task Force of individuals from various fields and professions will come together to study how Connecticut’s working families can access a partial wage replacement program when time away from work is needed due to one’s own illness, the illness of a loved one, or the birth of a child.

This year is the 20th anniversary of the Federal Medical Leave Act, which has been used more than 100 million times since 1993. But, FMLA leaves nearly half the workforce uncovered and of those who do qualify for FMLA, 8 out of 10 cannot afford to take unpaid leave. The FMLI Coalition believes that Connecticut families deserve better.

The next step in the Legislative Process will be a Public Hearing at which time Legislators will hear from the Public about why or why not they want a Task Force created to study FMLI.  We want to hear from you!

How will partial wage replacement help you? Have you ever taken unpaid leave? What were your experiences? Have you ever needed to take leave but didn’t because you couldn’t financially take an unpaid leave? Your stories will help to inform the debate. Share your experiences and help Connecticut move one step closer to FMLI–a wage replacement program! Click here to submit your story.

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