Making change happen

We all know 2011 wasn't a great year on many levels, especially with a stagnant economy and many Connecticut residents struggling to stay afloat. But CAHS has some good news to report.

  First, Governor Malloy signed a 30% state Earned Income Tax Credit into law, which CAHS lead the advocacy efforts for over six years. The EITC will put an average of $500 in the pockets of almost 200,000 hard-working families in Connecticut.

CAHS's program and policy work will continue to help struggling children and families by allowing better access to work supports like SNAP, HUSKY and the EITC. Also by improving early care and education for all Connecticut children and improving remedial education for young people and adults attending community colleges. 

During this time of giving we hope you'll consider supporting CAHS.   To make donation online, please click here.


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