Mid-session legislative updates

A few days ago CAHS hosted a Family Economic Success Coalition meeting / webinar, 1780628_10100675970865764_6644564155060391429_n.jpg

with a focus on the current legislative session. We had a very good, productive discussion covering what is going on at the legislature right now and talk about the ever-present budget woes and the need for more revenue.

In addition, we talked about a very exciting bill that would bring very significant and positive changes to Connecticut´s property tax system, by far the most regressive tax in the state. The bill in question is S.B.1, and includes some long overdue changes that would reduce the tax burden on low income families by modifying the car tax, and provisions that would promote economic activity in urban centers.

We have prepared a one pager on SB1 and car taxes - You can download it here. You can find the slides on the legislative update after the jump. 



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