Minimum Wage...Now IS the time

While CT News Junkie reports that the "tide is turning against winning the minimum wage this year," support continues to be strong among progressives and House leadership.


  • A new poll shows most Connecticut residents support increasing the minimum wage: 64% of all voters,  86% of Democrats, 54% of Independent voters and 45% of Republicans.
  • Rachel Maddow reminds us that minimum wage is a winning issue. 76% of voters favored increasing the minimum wage in a referendum: "You can thank the minimum wage being on the ballot for putting Claire McCaskill over the top....common wisdom says economic populism does not win elections: Missouri has proved that wrong."
  • Connecticut's minimum wage of $8.25 per hour is just not enough to live on - and we are asking people to do the impossible when we ask them to pay their bills and raise their kids with what they earn at minimum and low-wage jobs. The Permanent Commission on the Status of Women's new Basic Economic Security Tables examines the actual costs of living to show that a true "BEST" wage is twice minimum wage.

Minimum wage means $17,160 per year for someone working 52 weeks a year --no vacation. Even after that family gets a federal and state Earned Income Tax Credit, they are paying far too much for necessities to have enough let over for a reasonable quality of life. Let's give workers enough income to pay their bills, contribute to the economy and care for their kids. The proposed increase is far below what economists say would cost the state jobs, and it would boost the economy by injecting more consumer dollars into local businesses.

The time IS now.


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