New England´s leadership on early care and education

As part of the National Day of Action on early learning, CAHS and our partners at the New England Consortium have sent a letter to our Senators (PDF) asking for their support in expanding early care and education programs in the US.


Connecticut has been leading in early care and education for years. The state has just completed a year-long early care and education system planning process involving key stakeholders. Following a blueprint created by the planning team, we are moving ahead with a proposal to establish a new Office of Early Childhood to create a more streamlined and coordinated system of early childhood in Connecticut. The state is also working to improve important quality markers like program accreditation and staff education despite struggling to attract and retain the top teachers due to rates that have not been increased since 2002.

These and other current programs, however, have been weakened by the sequester. The President´s early care and education initiative is a great step to reverse these cuts and expand these services nation wide. In Connecticut we have seen how these programs can help.  We know that investing in early care and education is a cost-effective strategy that results in signifi

cant savings for federal, state, and local governments through decreased spending on education remediation and special education, less crime, improved health outcomes, higher high school graduation and college matriculation rates, decreased dependenc

The President´s plan
 would provide additional resources for Connecticut that will enable the state to increase the footprint of these initiatives. The first year alone will enable more than 2,600 kids to receive quality childcare,  more than 8,000 mothers will benefit from the expanded home visiting program.e on welfare and increased tax revenues.

We need these programs - and we need strong leaders in the US Senate and in Connecticutto move them forward.

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