Pass HB 6553 & Study FMLI!

Now more then ever, Connecticut should once more lead the way and establish a legislative Task Force to study Family Medical Leave Insurance (FMLI).  The Taskforce will study how Connecticut can have a partial wage replacement program when people need time away from work to care for themselves, a loved one or a new child.

Many CT workers have even asked if such a program is available to them!  According to written testimony submitted by Sharon Palmer, Commissioner of the CT Department of Labor, “the Department of Labor receives numerous inquiries from employees as to whether there is a program to provide compensation while on an unpaid medical leave from work”.  

In March 2011, only 11% of private sector workers and 17% of public sector workers reported having access to paid family leave through their employer.  That is a small percentage of people who have access to paid leave and for those who must take unpaid leave, many Connecticut workers are not covered or eligible for the job protection guaranteed under the Federal Medical Leave Act (FMLA), or they simply cannot afford to take unpaid leave. 

Currently HB 6553, An Act Establishing a Task Force to Study Family Medical Leave Insurance (FMLI) is on the House of Representatives GO list.  We hope that our Representatives will take the next important step and vote YES to establishing a Task Force to study this further.

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