Possible Relief for CT Employees Taking Unpaid Medical Leave


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A bill before the Legislature will create a task force to study Family Medical Leave Insurance (FMLI), a wage replacement program that Connecticut’s workers can access when they need time away from work to care for themselves during an illness, for a sick or aging loved one, or a new baby.  HB #6553, “AN ACT ESTABLISHING A TASK FORCE TO STUDY FAMILY MEDICAL LEAVE INSURANCE  has been voted out of the Legislature’s Labor Committee and is now on the “GO list” for the House of Representatives.


We know that people are taking leave from work to deal with their own illness or because they are in a caregiving role to an aging parent, sick child or newborn.  We also know that families cannot afford unpaid leaves and that many people actually call the Department of Labor in search of compensation while out on an unpaid medical leave.

However, before Connecticut creates an FMLI program, a thoughtful study and discussion must take place in order to understand how a program will be administered, who will be eligible, and how it will be paid for.  The task force calls for the appointment of a diverse group of people, including representatives of large and small business, the insurance industry, advocates for individuals with chronic illness and  caregiving responsibilities, and state departments and agencies to name a few charged with studying how Connecticut can make FMLI happen.

Anyone who would benefit or could benefit from FMLI is urged to visit the Connecticut FMLI Coalition's website and to contact their legislator. You can find information about the task force and how to  contact your elected officials on the website.


People are always going to need to take time away from work, it’s a problem that isn’t going away. Elected officials need to hear that people are interested in FMLI and want the State to start planning. 

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