Potential Changes in Care4Kids will help Working Mothers

A recent Legislative bill aims to make changes to the Care4Kids program so that women taking unpaid leave from work due to birth or impending birth will be given six weeks of payment eligibility during leave. According to SB 887, "An Act Concerning the Care4Kids Program," womeCare4Kidsn will be guaranteed paid leave as long as the recipient intends to return to work, verifies that eligibility is needed to prevent a lost pre-school or child care slot, and the child continues to attend the program during the recipient's leave.

The bill, which was co-sponsored by state representatives from both political parties, will help low-income families who otherwise would have lost the Care4Kids childcare subsidy and been forced into an even more difficult financial predicament.

On May 1st, the bill passed through the Senate with an unanimous "yea" vote, and on May 20th, it passed through the House and became a public act. Notably, the bill passed by a large margin in the House- only seven members voted down the bill out of the 130 representatives voting that day. Currently, we are waiting for the bill to be signed by Governor Malloy and put into effect.

The strong backing from across party lines shows the true importance in helping low-income families attain necessary child-care. Moreover, it shows the overwhelming support throughout Connecticut to help working poor families achieve economic stability and fully provide for their children.


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