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Bank On Connecticut is a partnership of nonprofit organizations and Connecticut banks collaborating to offer individuals without bank accounts a way of learning about banking and opening a safe starter checking or savings account. Bank On Connecticut partners provide monthly Basic Banking Orientations, which review important information about checking and savings accounts. We hope to provide a way for people who have traditionally avoided banks to feel comfortable opening an account. Our collaboration of community organizations and local banks believe in breaking down barriers for those who have never had access or the opportunity to open a bank account. Our mission is to support individuals in strengthening their financial future through financial education and affordable bank accounts.

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We believe everyone should have the opportunity to open an affordable bank account and build a more successful financial future. Bank On Connecticut will help you:
  • Avoid check cashing fees
  • Get your tax refund, state benefits, or pay check directly deposited into your account
  • Establish credit
  • Save for your future
  • Get connected with money growing tools
To learn more about the program nearest you contact one of the partner nonprofits!

For more information about Bank On Connecticut, contact Nancy Woodward, Bankon Associate, 860-951-2212 ext. 231,