Racial and economic integration, Public school-higher education connection

Two of CAHS' main policy goals were highlighted yesterday in The Hartford Courant's Opinion section.

Phil Streifer, chairman of the Connecticut Association of Urban Superintendents and head of Bristol public schools, says a state mandate is needed for public schools to make needed connections with higher education.

Streifer cites a recent CAHS meeting:

"Recently, the Connecticut Association for Human Services hosted a meeting of groups interested in this issue. Representatives of public schools, community colleges, state universities, the state Board of Regents, the workforce development system and the Connecticut Business and Industry Association engaged in a frank and far-reaching discussion of how we all must work together. The group found common ground on the nature of the challenge and some potential solutions. One obvious solution is to take advantage of all the work now going on in the public schools to meet the new state standards and incorporate higher education representatives into the discussions."

And Dennis Parker and Martha Stone call for the state to expand programs that highlight racial and economic diversity.

"... magnet schools have accomplished just what the state wants — some have actually eliminated the achievement gap entirely in the crucial third grade year. Others have dramatically narrowed the gap and given students access to high-quality educational programs that are producing life-changing results. Data from the National Coalition on School Diversity shows the proof."

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