Senate to Vote on SNAP Amendments

The Senate is working on the Farm bill and reached an agreement last night to move a number of amendments with votes starting at 2:15 this afternoon. Three bad SNAP amendments are in the queue, and two good ones.

The Sessions amendment #2174 would repeal SNAP’s categorical eligibility option, resulting in two million people being cut from the program.

Sessions amendment #2172 would eliminate SNAP state performance funds, thus weakening program integrity and operations in SNAP.

Senator Boozman’s amendment #2360 would also eliminate SNAP state performance funds and savings from the cut would be provided to food banks. While we are all for supporting food banks, this should not have to be done at the expense of SNAP.

Please urge Sen. Lieberman to reject each of these amendments and instead to support the Nelson and Gillibrand amendments (he co-sponsored Gillibrand, which restores SNAP funding, so we should be all set there).

Senator Ben Nelson has offered an amendment (Nelson #2243) that would ensure that state SNAP performance bonus funds would be reinvested into the SNAP program in order to enhance program effectiveness and reduce errors. Makes sense to me.

If you have time to reach out to Lieberman's office, you can reach them in DC at 202-224-4041.

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