Sorting out the CT Earned Income Tax Credit paperwork

Last week we learned from some of our partner VITA sites (CAHS coordinates a very active, statewide VITA network - one of our best programs!) that some families that were eligible for the Connecticut Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) were having some issues. After filling taxes and being approved by the IRS for the Federal EITC, they were getting lette


rs from the Connecticut Department of Revenue Services (DRS) asking them for additional paperwork before they could approve the state EITC.

This is by itself not unusual; we know some people do forget to bring some documents, and it is natural that they do get one of these requests. What we found surprising was the amount of fillers receiving these letters; some VITA site coordinators were reporting that 10% of their clients has come back asking for more information, a clear signal that this was more than a few isolated cases. We reached out to Kevin Sullivan, the DRS Commissioner, for more information, as the number of letters seemed unusual.

Well, it was. It turns out that DRS sent out about 14,000 of these letters by mistake; the fillers are indeed eligible for the Connecticut EITC, and they should not have received that request for additional documentation. We are glad that DRS quickly detected the problem, and that they will send letters to those fillers correcting the mistake, as well as their tax refund.

So, if you are a Connecticut EITC filler and got a letter asking for more documents to be send in 30 days or less, hold tight. Probably a DRS glitch at work.

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