Student loans and public service

Last Friday CAHS participated on a round table with Senator Richard Blumenthal and Senator Chris Murphy at the Hartford YWCA. The main topic was student debt, and more specifically, on how student loans hinder the graduate's capacity to pursue public services careers.

Although there is currently a Federal loan forgiveness program for students pursuing public services jobs, the current rules are clunky and inflexible: an individual is required to remain ten years on these occupations without interruption or face stiff penalties. Both Connecticut US Senators are sponsoring a bill to improve this program. In 2012 the average student finished college with $29,400 in debt.

On Friday's round table many care givers, non profit advocates, teachers and other public servants shared their stories (you can read some of them here) about struggling with debt and having to postpone major life decisions (having a kid, buying a house, saving for retirement) as they face their loan payments. Pictures from the event after the jump.




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