The Achievement Gap & Education Reform are being called the Civil Rights Issue of Our Time

This week, the state's Achievement Gap Task Force heard from many advocacy and education organizations on high impact strategies to address CT's achievement gap.  Senator Toni Harp, who co-chairs the Task Force, called the achievement gap between low-income predominantly minority students and high-income predominantly white students the civil rights issue of our time. 

Now, Governor Malloy is doing the same.  In an interview today with WNPR's 'Where We Live', Governor Malloy called education reform an issue of civil rights and human rights.  He went on to say that "we cannot to give up 40-60% of young people living in some of our urban areas."

The legislative session, which has been deemed the year of Education by the Governor, begins on Wednesday, February 8th at which time the Governor will address the state and legislature to outline his objectives for his second year in office.


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