The Federal Budget and What it Means for Connecticut

Earlier this week, President Trump released his proposed budget, which included large cuts to safety net programs, including Medicaid and SNAP, and other programs that allow individuals and their families to rise out of poverty and become self-sufficient. (Note that the budget needs to be passed by Congress, so none of these cuts has yet been made.)  Keep reading to learn more about how these cuts would impact Connecticut's residents and families:


 Basic Needs

Paid Parental Leave
  • The proposal requires all states to provide six weeks of paid parental leave to new mothers and fathers, including adoptive parents. The plan, however, gives great discretion to each state on how to structure and manage this system. This means each state would see very different implications from this mandate. Connecticut has already made positive steps towards meeting this mandate, and state Democrats have made a system of earned family medical leave their main priority this legislative session, proposing two bills, SB. 1 and HB. 6212, and including it in their budget. For more information on Trump's parental leave mandate, check out this New York Times Article.
Higher Education

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