The high cost of living in Connecticut

The Alliance for a Just Society just released a report comparing living wages acrossseveral states (PDF). Not surprisingly, Connecticut turns out to be a really expensive place to live in: the living wage for a family of four, with one working adult, is $35.18 an hour, only second to New York City in the sample. If both adults are working, the living wage is $24.92 per working adult.

What is a living wage? According to the report:

A living wage is one that allows families to meet their basic needs, without public assistance, and that provides them some ability to deal with emergencies and plan ahead. It is not a poverty wage. Notably, though, it does not account for paying off debt.

In Connecticut´s case, the main components behind our very high cost of living are easy to pinpoint: housing, and childcare. Cost-of-living.png

New York City is the only region in the study with higher housing costs; no other place in the study comes close to child care cost. Taxes are also an important factor, but they are (mostly) derived from the fact that the required income to pay for increased housing and child care cost is considerably higher.

The General Assembly approved this session a sizable expansion of the early care and education funding, but these numbers show that we have a long way to go. About housing, we do live in an expensive state, that´s for sure.

You can find more coverage about the report at the CT News Junkie.

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