Vote: As simple, and critical, as 1, 2, 3.

1. According to the Every Child Matters Education Fund, 6 million Americans did not vote in 2008 because they didn't know how to register or missed the deadline. National Voter Registration Day, September 25, was created to make sure no American is left out in 2012. Click here for information about how to plan events and use the effort to increase turnout and voter registration.

2. In Connecticut, fewer than 50% of those eligible to vote do so, according to Secretary of State Denise Merrill's first-ever Civic Health Index.

3. Why does it matter? Our colleague Orlando Rodriguez at Connecticut Voices for Children blogged yesterday about a new National Bureau of Economic Research study showing that investing in children would return $2.6 billion to our economy.

The study found that "...the state could reap benefits equivalent to 1.28 percent of total disposable income (consumer spending) if families with children who live in poverty received additional support, as more of their children would reach the earnings capacity of the typical child. Furthermore, this increase would be 'in perpetuity,' which translates into more private sector jobs and additional tax revenues for state government -- forever."

How critical is this? We learned this week that Connecticut showed the fifth highest increase in child poverty in the country.

Vote, vote, vote!


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