Webinar: a quick look at the Governor´s budget proposal

CAHS and CT Voices for Children hosted today a short webinar giving a quick overview of the Govenor´s budget proposal. This was part of our work in the Family Economic Success Coalition; we are looking forward to host more of these events in the future, giving periodical updates during the legislative session.

Here is what we talked about:


You can download the slides here.

We referenced quite a few things during the presentation and during the Q&A. The most important bits are the following:

  • From CT Voices for Children: Impact of the Governor´s budget on children. The figure of 54% of the cuts falling on kids come from this report; a must read. Their budget visualization tool is great, and lets you track how each program has fared since the early nineties.
  • We mentioned two generation education strategies - here is a primer.
  • CT Voices has also published a report on the impact on early care and education programs. Not as bad, but still significant.
  • Tax incidence study: this report from the Department of Revenue Services explains who  bears most of the burden of each tax in the state. This is why I kept talking about tax reform, by the way.
  • Tax expenditure report: this is where we are looking for new revenue - all the taxes the state does not collect due to (sometimes outdated) tax breaks.

For those looking to testify, a few links:

  • Calendar with all Appropriations Committee hearings. To testify, you have to go to the LOB (9 am to 10 am in the atrium, 10.15 until 1 pm on room 2700) to draw a number. The order is decided by lottery, so depending on how many people are speaking and your luck, you might testify very early or very late. More details about the whole process in the link.
  • General Assembly Calendar. Each committee does things a bit differently, so make sure to click on the hearing to check instructions specific to each hearing.
  • Remember: all committees accept written testimony, and legislators do read what is submitted. So if you don´t have time to drive up to Hartford, you can still be part of the process.

Expect more webinars soon, as the session advances. If you have questions, just ask!

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