Early Care & Education

CAHS works to increase Connecticut families’ access to quality early care and education. CAHS staff advocates for policies that advance that goal. For more information contact Merrill Gay, Chief Public Policy Officer, at mgay@act-ct.org or 860-951-2212 x239.


CAHS connects the broader early care community, including but not limited to providers, with state and national policy deliberations through an early care and education list serve of over 1,200 subscribers.

CAHS is committed to the development of an early care and education system that is inclusive of multiple child care options to meet the needs of children and families. Therefore, CAHS engages family and center-based child care providers, with intentional focus on having representation of publicly and privately funded child care providers at the table.

CAHS advocates for increased investments in Connecticut’s child care subsidy program, Care 4 Kids, to promote family economic stability and children thriving in quality early care environments.

CAHS recognizes that making early care and education a policy priority requires public will building for an early care system. CAHS and our partners are committed to advocacy with an inclusive and unified voice of the early care community. We wholeheartedly work toward the goal of increasing opportunities for early care and education within a well functioning system. We assist stakeholders to identify how they can respond to a call to action for early care and education policies.

Public will building involves developing and sustaining strong relationships with policy makers and those implementing policies. CAHS communicates regularly with legislators and state agencies such as the Department of Social Services and the Department of Education. CAHS staff maintains relationships with representatives from these agencies for the purpose of information sharing and developing strong allies in support of our work to empower Connecticut’s children and families.

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