Legislative Session Update

Most committees have wrapped up hearings in their contentious session. CAHS has testified in support of many bills relating to family economic success initiatives, including everything from early care and education to accessible and affordable higher education. The joint favorable deadlines for many committees have already passed and others are quickly approaching. 


Several bills that CAHS testified for have passed through their respective committees, including:
  • S.B. 1: An Act Concerning Earned Family and Medical Leave.
  • H.B. 6212: An Act Concerning Earned Family and Medical Leave.
  • H.B. 6162: An Act Concerning a Study of the Implementation of a Debt-Free Higher Education Program.
  • S.B. 873: An Act Concerning a Two-Generation Initiative.
  • S.B. 623: An Act Establishing the 7/7 Program to Encourage the Redevelopment of Brownfields and Underutilized Property.
  • H.B. 7212: An Act Concerning the Promotion of Loan Forgiveness Programs
  • H.B. 7234: An Act Concerning Financial Aid for Students in Crisis
  • S.B. 752: An Act Concerning Housing Segregation
For the remainder of the session, CAHS will continue to track the progress of these bills, develop policy briefs, and meet with key legislators to help ensure their passage. 

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