2017 Race Equity in the Five Connecticuts: A Kids Count Special Report
(Download PDF)

A Shared Sentence:Incarceration of Caregivers and Its Impact on Connecticut’s Children
(Download PDF)

Where does the Connecticut Budget Crisis Come From? 
(Download PDF)

2013 Connecticut Kids Count Data Book
Building a Stronger Future for Connecticut's Children
(Download PDF)

Family & Medical Leave Insurance: Providing Connecticut Families with Economic Security
(Download PDF)

The Geography of Gun Violence in Connecticut
(Download PDF)

ECS Task Force:
Opportunity to Fix a Major Problem
(Download PDF)

Pulling Apart:
Connecticut Income Inequality 1977 to Present
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Opportunity In Connecticut:
The Impact of Poverty, Race and Education on Family Economic Success
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2010 Connecticut Kids Count Data Book:
Bridging Tough Times for Connecticut's Families
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(Individual Chapters available below)
   - Essay
   - Chapter One: Economic Security
   - Chapter Two: Education
   - Chapter Three: Health
   - Chapter Four: Safety

2008-2009 Connecticut Kids Count Data Book:

Three on a Seesaw: Balancing Early Care and Education, Families, and the Economy
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(Individual chapters available below)
   - Front Cover 
   - Table of Contents and Introduction 
   - Chapter One: Demographics 
   - Chapter Two: Economic Security 
   - Chapter Three: Education 
   - Chapter Four: Health
   - Chapter Five: Safety

Seeds of Prosperity: Children of Low-Income Working Families
(Download PDF)

Child Poverty Brief 2008
(Download PDF)

Child and Family Poverty in New England: Policy Brief
(Download PDF)

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