The FESC Policy Academy

On December 18th the FES Coalition hosted the first Policy Academy at the Legislative Office Building in Hartford, right by the Capitol. This was the first on a series of events created to engage and mobilize a new generation of advocates for those in need in Connecticut.

What is the FES Policy Academy?


The FES Policy Academy is short, intensive conference focused on giving community leaders the tools to become effective advocates at the state Capitol. This half day event will include workshops on the legislative process and how to keep track of legislation, testify at the Capitol, have successful meetings with legislators, and be an effective storyteller.

Our main idea is simple: your voice is important, and we want to make sure it is heard. Our objective is to help community leaders, case workers, service providers and board members learn the tools that will make them effective advocates.

The FES Policy Academy will be focused on two main areas: why advocacy from service providers and clients is both important and powerful, and how can non-profits be successful in their advocacy efforts. We will start with the basics of the legislative process, and bring in legislators  and advocates to discuss how to bring change to it. Our objective is to spark action, not just teach.

Susan Keane - Navigating the Committee Process: an Introduction to Legislation



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